Brand marketing

Corporate logo& interpretationHT-SAAE

Elaborate on the unique connotation of aerospace technology
It takes the initial letters of "Hang Tian" and "High tech" as the design elements, which represents the brand connotation of "High technology, good quality and unlimited energy”
  • Integrate traditional culture into the era characteristics
    The use of Chinese calligraphy strokes indicates the integration of traditional Chinese culture into the era; every bit of the stroke indicates the accumulation of power.
  • Contain the value concept of successful culture
    The main stroke of the logo is v-shaped, which is the initial of the English word VICTORY, containing the successful culture of Eighth Research Academy and indicating that HT-SAAE is sure to go global with a promising future.
  • Reflect the spirit of space and enterprise development
    The color of blue and white alternate with each other, with the space blue as the basic tone combined with gradient effect, sense of both modernization and technology are realized. The whole background is like the earth and the vast sky. Three vertical strokes and horizontal strokes run through the background, indicating that by upholding three spirits of China Aerospace, all major industries and all fronts are united in their efforts for steady development and the pursuit of excellence, reflecting the corporate philosophy of Creating the Future Wholeheartedly.