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Understand HT-SAAE products through product promotion videos

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  • [ HS-SAAE ] Product promotion video
Corporate image film

Understand HT-SAAE products through corporate image film

HT-SAAE brand image film launching

With the expanding scale, HT - SAAE firstly attempts to describe the development path (from the PV power station in the desert northwest to the city bright BIPV and distributed PV of picturesque regions south of the Yangtze River) of China's photovoltaic industry vividly, intuitively and comprehensively with the ink painting freehand style and concise expression in order to ensure more sustainable and efficient display of the company's brand image and market scale. Highlighting the strength of the enterprise with the process and enhancing the brand image with products, coupled with the mild background music and cheerful children’s laugh, the film perfectly expresses the new positioning, new proposals and new style of HT brand culture . With elegant pattern, unique style, vivid picture and rich sense, it is worth observing carefully!

This film can generate brand goodwill and abundant association of HT - SAAE more intuitively and quickly, strengthen the brand image of HT as an excellent representative of the photovoltaic industry, and make HT enter the lives and hearts of viewers. Space technology for good life! Thus a deeper emotional connection and irreplaceable emotional value comes into being.
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