Photovoltaic industry R&D center
  • Photovoltaic industry R&D center
    HT-SAAE has a complete product development system and scientific and technological R&D capabilities. Through talent introduction and training, the company has a high-level technical R&D team with more than 560 scientific and technological personnel, including nearly 50 with master's degree or above. The company has always adhered to technological innovation, and has led/participated in and completed more than 100 scientific research projects at national, provincial and municipal levels, applied for more than 420 patents at home and abroad, and obtained more than 260 authorized patents.
  • Inner Mongolia Photovoltaic Energy Engineering Technology Research Center
    Founded in 2010, Inner Mongolia Photovoltaic Energy Engineering Technology Research Center is a technical center at the level of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
    The center has undertaken and smoothly completed 8 municipal scientific research projects, including applied technology research and development fund planning project of Department of Science and Technology of Inner Mongolia, “key technique research and application of MW power generation on desert”, “new technology R&D of PV power generation conflux and inverter system”, major science and technology projects of Hohhot "Shenzhou Photovoltaic 5 MWp power generation demonstration project” and "development of high-reliability and low-cost photovoltaic power generation tracking system".
    The scientific and technological achievements of the center have won the science and technology progress award of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hohhot science and technology progress award and other awards; edited/participated in the compilation of 7 national standards and industry certification norms.
  • Shenzhou New Energy Co., Ld. of Lianyungang
    Shenzhou New Energy Co., Ld. of Lianyungang is a Jiangsu provincial technical center established in 2012.
    For the goal of cost decreasing and benefit increasing, the center focuses on carrying out the research on the multi-grid PV modules, slicing PV modules, PV modules with high optical gain, double-sided PV modules and intelligent PV modules, mainly undertakes the new product R&D, technological improvement and pilot production of aerospace civil modules, commits itself to upgrading the technology R&D level and developing new highly profitable products.
    The center has passed the national CNAS laboratory accreditation, and set up a Jiangsu province enterprise postgraduate workstation.