Strategic cooperation
HT-SAAE capital operation mainly focuses on the investment in strategic emerging industries including new energy PV, automotive thermal system and military-civilian integration.
  • New energy PV field
    In the field of new energy PV, the company has successively participated in major projects such as the Brightness Program, Township Electrification Program, National 863 Program and the world expo project, and completed over 700 independent power stations, grid-connected power stations and co-built power stations.
  • Automotive thermal system field
    In the field of automotive thermal system, the company mainly invests in core system components such as automotive heat exchange system and EPS system.
  • Military-civilian integration field
    In the field of military-civilian integration, the company mainly invests in composite materials for aerospace products and actively expands new application fields such as rail transit, auto parts, energy transmission, commercial aircraft and oceanographic engineering.
We are dedicated to creating professional investment research ability
Promoting organic combination of industrial entity management, capital operation and knowledge management, forming the capital operation ability of major capital markets in the world, serving the strategic emerging industry development, cultivating new profit growth point, facilitating industry development with capital operation and supporting the capital operation with industrial development, so as to realize the goal of joint development of industrial management and capital operation.