Thermal system global technology center
  • Luxembourg technology center
    Location:Bascharage, Luxembourg
    Office area: 1,000 m2  Laboratory area:~500 m2
    Capacity:~60engineersExpandable area:~1,000 m2




    Lighting evaluation

    Audio analyzer

    Self-service terminal

  • Shanghai technology center
    HT-SAAE Thermal Shanghai R&D Center is China’s national-recognized enterprise technology center
    Location:Shanghai, China
    Total investment: USD 20 million
    Laboratory certification
    CNSA (pass ISO17025 certification)
    SGM engineering center
    JAC, Chery
    BMW, Honda
    Shanghai model shop - heat exchange and HVACDevelop high quality samples to meet customer development expectations


    Rapid production of different soft modes and tooling (8 weeks), core construction (2 days)Perfect standard process
    3D printing of plastic partsDedicated layout and resources
    CNC machining of aluminumThe functional test can be conducted


    Collector tube forming machineLeak tester
    Main leaf punchFin shaper
    Core assembly machinePipe cutting machine
    Water chamber riveting pressAssembly line

    Environment simulation wind tunnel

    Air conditioning system test bench

    Heat exchanger performance test bench

    Pressure cycle tester

    Thermal shock tester

    Semi-anechoic room

  • ERAE
    Place:Daegu, South Korea
    Total investment: USD 30 million
                     including 110 experimental facilities
    Laboratory and model shop
    87 experimental facilities including HVAC, cooling module, compressor and heating control
    23 experimental facilities including NVH, materials and vehicles
    The model shop produces 4,000 samples each year

    Vehicle noise chamber

    Anechoic room

    Compressor performance test

    Environment simulation wind tunnel

    Environment simulation wind tunnel

    Air flow test bench