Good news! Solar Company successfully wins the bidding of 21MW photovoltaic construction contracting project of ZPMC Changxing Base

Source:HT-SAAERelease time:2018-08-06 Page view:10006

Recently, Solar Company received the notification of award from Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.: the bid result of 21MW distributed photovoltaic construction contracting project of ZPMC Changxing Base was announced and Solar Company won the bidding and would provide all purchase and construction services involved till the completion acceptance of the project.

The project has 4 grid connection points, which adopt the mode of self-generation for self-use and residual power for grid access. Upon completion, the project will not only save energy and reduce emissions for the enterprise, but also promote the location of the project to further optimize the power structure, reduce industrial pollution, improve environmental quality and improve the image of the city.

In order to successfully obtain the project, Solar Company made every effort to overcome the difficulties of tight time and heavy workload, and compiled bidding documents with high efficiency and high quality and submitted them on schedule. In the end, by virtue of excellent scheme, perfect service standard and reasonable quotation, the company won the unanimous affirmation of experts in bid evaluation and tenderee, and won the bidding successfully.

The successful bidding further strengthens the confidence of all employees and will strongly promote the growth of the company's main business this year and the realization of the annual responsibility order.

Text   Hu Jiawei