HT-SAAE organized the intensive education and training in search of roots in 603 with the theme of “stay true to the initial intention and keep in mind the mission”

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The road to the sky carries dreams. The heart to the universe roots soul in mountains. On April 28, 2019, the Party committee of HT-SAAE organized Party members, subject representatives of united front work, key staff representatives, representatives of active applicants for CPC membership, and youth representatives from the company headquarters, automotive electronics and system branches, 102 in total, to seek roots in base 603 in Guangde, Anhui Province in the drizzling rain and receive intensive education and training with the theme of “stay true to the initial intention and keep in mind the mission”.

As the “source of spaceflight”, base 603 is one of the earliest space launch sites in China and the birthplace of sounding rockets in China, which is of great significance for Party members' education and training. By “reading a book”, “watching a short film” and “seeing an exhibition”, the participants got to know the historical connotation of the base and the initial intention of aerospace dedicators, and saw into the dedicated spirit of the older generation of aerospace people. By “reviewing the Party admission oath”, they further consolidated their ideals and beliefs, and firmed up their ambitions in space service. Finally, by “recording a song of praise”, the staffs of HT-SAAE sang "My Motherland and Me”  with great passion and expressed their love for the Party and the motherland in the form of “flash dance”, offering the most sincere blessing to the Party and the motherland.

Short texts engrave history and the immortal mind lives on forever. Participants said that they will stay true to their initial intention and keep in mind the mission, and contribute to the development of civil industry of space technology by basing themselves on their posts and inheriting the spirit of spaceflight.