HT-SAAE successfully holds the 2018 training camp for improving the ability of party and mass cadres

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In order to deeply study and implement Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and further improve the theoretical level and working ability of HT-SAAE party and mass cadres, the party committee of the company held the 2018 training camp for improving the ability of party and mass cadres combined with the actual needs of grass-roots units during the work survey from June 8 to 10. More than 70 party organization secretaries, trade union chairmen, branch secretaries and party and mass line workers from all units and the headquarters participated in the training. The training was hosted by Xu Zhuo, chairman of the trade union and director of the party and the mass department of HT-SAAE.

At the opening ceremony, Zhao Haiyan, deputy secretary of CPC of HT-SAAE made the pep talk. She pointed out that the training of party and mass was an important measure for HT-SAAE to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Xi Jinping’s thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, an important starting point to promote the effective implementation of the party construction operating mechanism featuring "five-strictness, five-integration and five-ions”[此处需要提供更多原文信息以进一步解释。] of Eighth Research Academy ” and an important guarantee for the continuous progress of party building in party organizations at all levels. She asked all participating trainees to focus on the four orientations and focus on the transformation of learning outcomes: first, learn with problems in a problem-oriented manner; second, learn with thinking in a purposeful way ; third, adhere to the responsibility-oriented and enhance the ability of execution of duty; fourth, improve one’s working by adhering to the effect-oriented manner. She stressed that all party and mass cadres should get a firm grasp of three key points to further improve work results: first, strengthen political construction, style construction, deepen and expand the work pattern of party building; second, implement the responsibility system for party building, take inner-party political life seriously, and strengthen the rectification and implementation of party building; third, set up and promote typical models, facilitate innovation in grass-roots party building and boost enterprise development.

The enclosed concentrated training lasted for three days. Huang Xiaodian, the deputy director of the organization division of party and mass department, professor Yang Su of ECUST, Su Meng, director of Shanghai radio new media management department, Dong Hua, senior party branch secretary in the system, Cao Jiyu, secretary of the party committee of Institute 509 and other experts and scholars were invited to teach the Operational Practice of Work of the Grass-roots Party, Thinking about Fortifying Ideals and Beliefs and Undertaking Mission Responsibilities, Writing Skills of Official Documents (Presentations), Application of “Six-step Method” in the Innovation of Party Branch Work and Deep Interpretation of Reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to all students. The teachers combined theory with practice based on their own experiences, and explained profound theories in simple languages and a humorous style, which has deeply attracted the students.

In addition to the centralized training, students were also divided into groups for discussions and sharing on achievements; knowledge competition and the demonstration of classic cases of party building were also carried out. According to the results of the comprehensive competition, the top three were selected and awarded by the leaders of the company. Special invited judges delivered wonderful comments. Huang Xiaodian, deputy director of the organization office, said that the HT-SAAE training highlighted four combinations, namely, the combination of political attributes and service functions, the combination of problem orientation and practical effect orientation, the combination of in-depth thinking and concrete practice and the combination of focusing on the present and long-term planning, and the expected effect were achieved; Cao Jiyu, secretary of the party committee of Institute 509 said that this training was carefully planned, and integrated into the center in diversified forms and distinctive features and remarkable results were achieved; as the cornerstone, the party branch should continue to concentrate the efforts in terms of responsibility strengthening, discipline construction, political construction, innovation methods and capacity improvement and highlight the political guidance, cultural guidance, interest advocacy, psychological counseling and business guidance.

Xu Zhuo, chairman of the trade union and director of the party and the mass department of HT-SAAE made the summary. She said, in the past three days, the participants cherished the opportunity, actively participated in each activity, exchanged learning, successfully completed the scheduled learning tasks and achieved the expected results. There were three main features: reasonable curriculum and effective organization; rich content and various forms; rigorous study style and obvious effect.

Zhang Jiangong, chairman and secretary of the party committee delivered a summary speech. He expressed his affirmation and congratulations on the successful holding of the training. He said that the party and mass organizations were a bridge between the company and its employees, the lubricant for reconciling contradictions and a booster to reform. For the follow-up work, he put forward three requirements: study hard, dare to practice, and work hard to improve the ability; focus on the main industry, strive to make something, and make more effort in the performance of duties; integrate ourselves into the center, serve the overall interests and work harder to facilitate development. He encouraged all the staff to gain a clearer picture of the situation and the task, and apply what they have learned to practice. Being diligent and loyal, we should gather the work of the party and the masses together, promote the comprehensive deepening of reform, as well as realization of the company's "three guarantee" goals.

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Opening ceremony

Zhang Jiangong, chairman and secretary of the party committee delivers a summary speech

Zhao Haiyan, deputy secretary of CPC makes the pep talk

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