Stay true to the mission; deepen reform for the future

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On May 27th, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the company, HT-SAAE the conference themed Mission, Responsibility and Accountability”. Among the attendees including Jiang Wenzheng, vice president of Eighth Research Academy and president of Shanghai Aviation Industrial, Li Xin, chairman of the trade union of Eighth Research Academy and secretary of the party committee of Shanghai Aviation Industrial, Piao Tiejun, vice president of Shanghai Aviation Industrial, old leaders such as Zhao Yuanchang, Le Jiazhu, Li Yingde, Zhao Bin, Zuo Yue, Xu Jie and Qu Jianhua, not to mention leading group members and worker's representatives of HT-SAAE, a total number of over 330 persons gathered to share the development history over twenty years, discuss the in-depth reform and the transformation development of the company. The conference was chaired by Zhao Haiyan, deputy secretary of CPC of the company.

The conference kicked off with a solemn national anthem. At the beginning of the conference, general manager Wu Hao delivered a keynote speech entitled Forge ahead with Perseverance for 20 years; Create the Future with Original Heart. In the speech, he reviewed the history of HT-SAAE over the past twenty years, expressed thanks to the old leaders, old comrades, leaders of the corporation and the Eighth Research Academy and cadres and employees who cared about and supported the development of HT-SAAE, analyzed the challenges faced by the company currently from two dimensions of external environment and internal management and made arrangement and deployment about how to realize the annual objectives.

Subsequently, Zhao Yuanchang, chairman of the first and second board of directors addressed a speech on behalf of the old leadership. In the speech, he looked back on those unforgettable pioneering days of HT-SAAE and expressed best wishes for future development of HT-SAAE.

A grand award ceremony was also held in this conference. Yu Qingquan and other 20 colleagues who walked with the company and made progress hand in hand were awarded the honor of Distinguished Contribution Award for 20 Persons over 20 Years of HT-SAAE and presented with certificates of honor and trophies by the leaders present. The winner representative Sun Zhijun shared the winning experience.

To further gather the strength of one heart and one mind and jointly meet current challenges and tests, Zhang Jiangong, chairman and secretary of the party committee of the company issued a proposal themed Being a Master and Winning the Turnaround” to all employees, called on all employees to uphold the belief in victory, the sense of responsibility, the high-efficient work style, meticulous lean concept and the team spirit of sharing weal and woe, and make each and every effort to achieve the company’s annual objectives by overcoming difficulties and working in a united manner.

At the end of the conference, vice president Jiang Wenzheng delivered a speech entitled Keep Going and Work together to Draw a new Blueprint for HT-SAAE and affirmed the achievements made by HT-SAAE on behalf of Eighth Research Academy from three aspects of industrial development, investment & financing and internationalization process. As a witness of the 20 years’ development of HT-SAAE, he reviewed the development history and summed up three precious experiences: hard work and loyalty dedication are the spirit of constant pioneering; pioneering, innovation and bold exploration are the power sources driving eternal vitality and vigor; unity and global view are the fundamental guarantee to realize the harmonious development. He pointed out that, in the face of the current grim development situation, these spirits should be integrated into the blood and passed down from generation to generation. Regarding subsequent development of HT-SAAE, he put forward four requirements on behalf of the party committee and leadership: first, to strengthen the overall leadership of the party and ensure the correct development direction; second, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current situation and clarify the development strategy route; third, to comprehensively promote innovation and development, and strive to realize the transformation and upgrading; fourth, fully clarify the mission and facilitate the cause of building China into a space power. He encouraged all the staff of HT-SAAE to set sail on a new journey with new deed, practice new mission with new measures, keep going and transcending and work together to draw a new blueprint for HT-SAAE development!

After twenty years’ development, we have embarked on a new journey with a new starting point. In the face of new missions and challenges, HT-SAAE will adhere to the main line of comprehensive in-depth reform based on problem solving and goal achievement; we will vigorously promote technological innovation, industrial innovation, mechanism innovation and management innovation, and build HT-SAAE into a first-class listed company featuring sustainable development, social responsibility and reasonable returns to shareholders!