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Auto Electronic Industry Overview

Our company provides high-end auto parts with technological professionalization, industrial mass-production and product diversification. The company boasts rich experience both in research and production of auto parts which is our leading industry.


The company mainly provides the following auto parts products: auto A/C system assembly, DC motor, evaporating blower, condensing blower, auto sensor, clutch hydraulic cylinder, automobile electronic controller, can-bus, junction boxes, precision stamping parts, etc.


Our foundation shall base on civil-military integration and the combination of production sectors, schools, and research sectors with the core competency of technology. The technological professionalization shall be aimed at promoting product diversification, and the market shall lead to industrial mass-production, thus realizing the three transitions: from mechanical product to high-end auto electric product, from single unit to system assembly, from domestic market only to both domestic and international market.


Vigorously developing our own brands, and actively promote technological innovation, and with its the company excellent product quality, keen on the pursuit of science and technology, accumulated production and development experience, the company has been a strategic partner of GM, Volkswagen, BMW and other world famous enterprises. Besides it is the domestic first-class, internationally renowned global supplier, and in the auto parts industry it has a good corporate image and brand reputation.